About Kevco

Benefits of Buying a Home

There are many benefits of buying a home in the Fort Collins area.  It can help parents and students pay for college tuition.  Because of the location of Colorado State University, there is a high demand for student housing and rental properties. Even during tough economic times, the housing market in this area has remained relatively stable.  Home ownership is a great way to build wealth. It is a solid investment and a forced savings plan.  There are also numerous tax advantages and you can upgrade your home as you see fit.

Benefits of Buying from Kevco

We are a full service real estate company that is able to provide active marketing and high exposure of listings. We offer all buyer agency services and are ready with unique solutions and resources.  Our brokers have excellent investment knowledge and great insight on Fort Collins market.  We pride ourselves on personalized service and assistance to our clients.

Benefits of Selling with Kevco

Our brokers are very experienced in the listing and sale of residential homes and investment properties. As a technologically advanced company, we are able to use cost effective, environmentally friendly, online marketing tools, and social networking sites to increase the visibility of our listings.  We are also very knowledgeable about the market climate and able to offer helpful suggestions to our sellers to assist in the sale of their homes.

Other Benefits of Working with Kevco

Higher Rents

Our goal is to pay for ourselves.

Lower Vacancy Rates

Our vacancy rates are consistently at or near 0%.

Pet Friendly

Coloradoans love their pets, and most are not willing to part ways with their beloved friend simply to rent a property. At KEVCO we have found that prospective tenants are generally happy to pay a $150 fee and even higher rent to lease from a company and owner that welcomes their pet.  Allowing pets also dramatically increases the pool of interested renters.

Student Friendly

The colleges, scenery, and recreational opportunities found in our area attract a large population of students and other young adults, most of who are looking for a place to rent. We enjoy working with the college student population, and with more than 25,000 of them in Fort Collins alone it is too large of a market to ignore.

Investment Properties

The brokers at KEVCO specialize in student rental investment properties. From finding the property, to running our unique KEVCO investment analysis, to renting a property before you even close on your house, KEVCO can assist you with your investment every step of the way. We are a full service company that can help you purchase, manage, maintain and sell your investment properties.

Old Town

Old Town Fort Collins is another area in which KEVCO has experience. Using our proprietary Old Town Value matrix, we can discuss the complex market that makes up the Old Town area. Whether you are looking for a fix and flip opportunity, or just want to live in one of the most sought after areas of Fort Collins, KEVCO brokers will be able to assist you.

Relocating to the Area

KEVCO has helped people from all over the country purchase homes right here in Fort Collins. If you are new to the area and want a knowledgeable broker to help you find your new home, look no further than KEVCO Real Estate, Investments, & Property Management.