Thank you for visiting our Common Issues page.... Below, you will see answers to common issues facing KEVCO and KEVCO tenants. Please call us at 970-419-8881 if you have any questions.

A. RE-LEASING AND PRE-LEASING:  It's that time of the year again! We have seen increase as high as 200% in web activity on the KEVCO website at the start of the year. If you are a current KEVCO tenant in good standing*, you have first priority to re-lease your current property (by the end of January) or rent another available KEVCO property (mid-February). Once that time passes, we begin marketing homes to the public, and there is no time to waste! 

*We reserve the right to not re-lease to any current tenant.

B. 3 UNRELATED TENANTS : The City of Fort Collins has an ordinance limiting the number of people who can occupy a property. This ordinance is commonly referred to as the "3 unrelated" ordinance or the "you plus two" rule. Please see the City's website for more detail. The city also requires that a disclosure be completed for every new lease and every home sale. KEVCO will not rent to more then 3 unrelated people.


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