General Deposit Information

Okay, its time to move...

Pre-Move Out Inspections:

KEVCO conducts "pre-move out inspections". These can occur as early as six weeks before lease expiration (earlier if known damages exist). Due to time constraints, KEVCO will immediately contract out any damages for repair. No extensions can be granted, nor can we allow damages to remain until lease expiration.

Misc Move Out Items:

Cleaning: use our cleaning checklist as a guide. The home should be clean from top to bottom (don't forget ceiling fans and baseboards).

Light Bulbs: ensure that all lightbulbs are working, inside and out. It is much less expensive for tenants to change burnt out or missing light bulbs, rather than a contractor. Remember refrigerator and range hood lights!

Drip pans: if you have drip pans under the burner coils on your range, replace them prior to move out.

Trash: Final trash service should be completed before the lease expires. Don't leave full (or overflowing) trash bins behind.

Utilities: Tenants should keep utilities in tenants' name through date of lease expiration, to avoid early disconnect fees.

Carpet Cleaning:

KEVCO arranges carpet cleaning after tenants vacate. A pre-paid carpet cleaning deposit was collected when the lease began. If the cleaning bill is higher than this deposit, the difference will be charged against the security deposit.

When will you get your deposit back?

KEVCO mails a disposition of the security deposit no earlier than 30 days, and no later than 60 days after the lease expires and tenants have moved out completely.  Calls asking for status on the deposit refund only delay the process. We need to make sure that final utility bills have been paid prior to finalizing the deposit refund.

One refund check will be issued to all tenants last authorized as occupants at the time the lease expired. The check will be mailed to one forwarding address which should be provided to KEVCO prior to lease expiration.


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