How Do I Rent a Property?


Please visit the Search page for important dates and information.

Determine what is important to you and your roommates about a property.  For example: how many bedrooms and bathrooms, how close to campus/Old Town, a fenced yard, a washer/dryer, a garage, what type of property (house, duplex, condo), etc. 

Know your schedules so that all roommates can view homes together (preferred). We can show you approximately 3 homes within a one hour appointment.

Then check out the available properties on our website and make a list of homes you're interested in. (Watch out for the YEAR available!). We can make suggestions too based on your housing needs.

Email or call KEVCO with the list of properties that you/and roommates want to see and some time slots you are all available to go on a showing.

At showings, KEVCO will give you rental application(s). Once you have made a decision which property you want to call home, turn in your application(s) and $40 processing fee (per application) to KEVCO at our office. A complete set of paid applications will secure your place in line for a home. All applications are handled on a "first come, first served" basis.

After we screen your applications (which can take a few days), if you are approved you'll receive a lease for review. The lease will be due back, with the paid security deposit, within a few days.