Frequently Asked Questions

1.0 Rent/Late Fees/Missed Discounts

1.1. Where do we pay our rent? Where is your office located? What is your mailing address? Can I mail my rent to you?

1.2. I don't understand the missed discount and late fee?

1.3. Does rent change depending on the number of people on the lease?

1.4 KEVCO isn't open on the 1st day of a particular month. What do I do?

1.5 How are discounts/late fees applied to mailed rents?

2.0 Questions Relating to the Rental Process

2.1 When the website says "already leased for 201*", what does that mean?

2.3 How do I rent a property from KEVCO?

2.3 Can I make an appointment to see properties I'm interested in?

2.4 What are the requirements to rent a place through KEVCO? Do you have to have perfect credit? Do you require co-signers? Do you do a background check? What if I don't have any credit or don't have a job?

3.0 Questions Relating to Your Deposit

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4.0 General Policy and Procedure Questions

4.1 What about the City of Fort Collins' 3 unrelated rule?

4.2 What is your pet policy? Is there extra rent if you have a pet?


5.0 Maintenance and Repair Issues

5.1 My garbage disposal is broken.

5.2 My light has stopped working, what do I do?


1.1 Click here for more thorough information. Tenants may mail rent or drop it off at 1124 W Mulberry St, Fort Collins, CO 80521.  We’re on the NE corner of Mulberry & Shields. You can pay On-line here. Back to Top

1.2 To qualify for the rent discount, tenants must pay rent on or before 5:00pm on the first of each month. In an attempt to be fair and equitable to everyone, no exceptions are made. If for any reason KEVCO is closed on the first, we have a drop box located on the East side of our building or tenants can utilize their Tenant Portal. Rent received after 5:00pm on the 1st (even if you put it in the drop box that night) will not be eligible for discount. Rent is considered late on the fourth of the month and additional fees will apply. Back to Top

1.3 No. Your rent amount is a fixed rate as indicated in your Lease. If paying by check, payment must be made in full in one check. If paid throug the Tenant Portal, tenants are welcome to pay their portion as decided among roommates, as long as the full amount is received before 5:00pm on the 1st.

1.4 Tenants are welcome to bring their payment in earlier than the 1st (note: checks will be cashed upon receipt). Tenants may also utilize the Tenant Portal to ensure payment is made by 5:00pm on the 1st, if the office is closed. Back to Top

1.5 All envelopes must be received by 5:00pm on the 1st to be eligible for the rent discount. If rent is received after the 3rd of the month additional late fees apply.

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2.1 Most of our leases start August and go through July. The "available date" found on our website indicates when the property may next be rented. Back to Top

2.3   Generally, whether leases begin in June or August, we begin pre-leasing in mid-February. In January, current tenants are offered the option to renew. If a lease is not renewed, we will schedule showings in February for new tenants to pre-lease the home. You can email us to set up a showing at or call us at (970) 419-8881. You can also fill out an online questionnaire (see our Search tab). Back to Top

2.4 KEVCO requires a rental application from anyone age 18 and older who wants to sign a lease.  When processing the application KEVCO screens four things: credit history, criminal history, verifiable income and landlord references.  Don't panic, each of these factors does not need to be perfect in order to rent with us. We'll consider your applications as a whole (for those applying with roommates). The better each factor comes back is to your advantage. 

If you do not have credit history but all other factors look good, then KEVCO would rent to you.  If your credit does not qualify, you might be offered the opportunity to get a co-signer (who will have to fill out an application).

For the criminal history check we need to make sure you are not guilty of any felonies within the last 15 years or endanger the property in which you're trying to lease.

Regarding income, we want to make sure you're financially secure enough to pay rent each month. Provide KEVCO will all income information. Often times student's parents are paying rent and living expenses, and that's okay. We'll want their contact information to verify same. KEVCO is student friendly!

If you have rented before applying to KEVCO, provide us with the most current rental reference. If you do not have a rental history, it is fine to put down anyone who knows you well and wouldn't mind if we asked them a few quick questions. 

We understand that each situation is unique, but we stick to those four factors when processing an application. Back to Top

4.1 The City of Fort Collins has an ordinance which states that no more than 3 unrelated adults can occupy a premise.  Therefore, we can only rent homes to no more than 3 unrelated adults. Please be aware that as a tenant, you are responsible for complying with this ordinance. This issue is addressed in our lease here.   Back to Top

4.2 We allow pets.  There is a one time, non-refundable pet fee of $150 per pet. There is no pet rent. Pets must be approved in writing first. Some restrictions may apply based on the specific property. An additional security may be required at Manager's discretion. Back to Top

5.1 Sometimes the garbage disposal just needs to be reset.  Most have a reset switch underneath the sink or a reset button on the disposal.  If that doesn't work, please contact KEVCO and we can send for maintenance.  Be careful in use of the disposal.  Only put small amounts of food in at a time and run plenty of water while the disposal is running.  If non-food items or large amounts of food cause the disposal issues, the tenant is responsible for the cost of repair and/or replacement. Back to Top

5.2 First, try changing the bulb with another bulb that you know is working and is an appropriate wattage for the fixture.  Second, make sure that there is power to the light by checking to see if you have a tripped breaker.  If that doesn't work, please contact KEVCO and we can send for maintenance. Back to Top


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