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KEVCO Real Estate Investments & Property Management is accepting new properties. Please contact us at (970) 419-8881 to discuss your property.

Some quick information/ common questions:

A. We are a "Pet Friendly" Property Management company, please understand that if you will not allow pets at your property, we can not help.

B. We really enjoy the college student population. I guess we are "Student Friendly" also. If you will not allow students, we can not help.

C. We are selective in the properties that we take on in both location and condition. As of this moment, we are not managing properties in any other areas other then Fort Collins.

D. We contract out maintenance. We have a solid network of vendors to rely on that we've worked with for years, who understand our need to maintain the home's integrity with a cost effective approach.

E. We do not approve maintenance activity that would exceed $250.00 without obtaining our owners authorization, unless it is an emergency.

F. "What are your fees?" We have a simple pricing solution. We have 3 fees: a one-time "Set Up Fee", a "Leasing Fee" and a "Monthly Management Fee". Please call for current fee amounts.

What do we do? After previewing your property and coming to terms on rents and pricing, we will enter into a management agreement with you. After executing said agreement and receiving your set-up fee, we will.....

1. Market your property for rent in the following ways as needed.

a. KEVCO "For Rent" sign in your front yard

b. Property to appear on our web site.

c. Advertise on Craigslist as needed

d. Utilize Northern Colorado Rentals as needed

2. Show your property to interested parties. 

3. Screen applications. We conduct credit and criminal background checks, income verification and obtain landlord references. We screen the applicants and their pets. Upon the successful leasing of your property, we will charge the leasing fee.

4. Enter into a lease with the tenants not to exceed 15 months, ensuring that you stay on a strategic leasing cycle. At lease signing we collect a security deposit and pre-paid carpet cleaning deposit, and hold them in an escrow account. We will also collect any non-refundable pet fee(s) when applicable which are given directly to the home owner.

5. Over see the move-in of the new tenants. We work to ensure that the properties are in good condition. Happy tenants mean lower vacancy rates. It is a better investment to put money towards your property (and it's value) vs. having a subpar property and putting your money towards extra advertising costs or reduced rents.

6. We provide 24 hour after hours maintenance emergency coverage.

7. We collect rents, pay expenses and management fees each month, then issue your check by the 15th of the same month. Your monthly statements and bills (if any) will be accessible 24/7 via an Owner Portal. We do not collect management fees unless we have the property rented. If you're not getting paid, neither should we.

8. We handle the entire process between tenants. We pre-inspect before move out, conduct a full inspection with photos between tenants, contract any maintenance or cleaning needs, and get new tenants situated. The security deposit will be entirely handled on your behalf, including the handling of any disputes.

Our goal is to provide a turn-key management solution for your Real Estate Investments.

We would be happy to send you a copy of our management agreement. Please email us at with your property address and we will get in touch with you.

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Real EstateOwner's ServicesContact UsHomeAbout UsKEVCO FAQTenant Resources