How do I sublet my place?

There is a sublease fee due whether you’re subleasing one tenant’s spot on the lease, or the property as a whole. Check your lease for specifics. This fee is due before KEVCO will process any application(s) for new tenants.

If one tenant is moving out, it is all tenant(s) responsibility to locate a replacement tenant.  The future tenant must first submit a rental application with application fee at KEVCO and be screened for approval.  If approved, KEVCO will create an Addendum to the Lease recording the change of tenants.  All tenants must sign the Addendum, so roommate cooperation is important.  Then the replacement tenant may move in.  The security deposit will remain in place with KEVCO, and no move out inspection occurs. It’s up to tenants to work out whether the new tenant will refund the past tenant any portion of their deposit or not.

If you need to sublease the entire home, tenant(s) must locate replacement tenant(s) as noted above.  If applicants are approved, we will terminate the original lease contingent upon the new lease being signed.  A full move out inspection will occur and we will finalize the security deposit disposition within 60 days.  Every situation is unique, so feel free to all our office to discuss the needs at your home.


* Make sure your property shows well by cleaning the house and having the outside cleaned up.

* Refer interested parties to the KEVCO website where they can view a flyer, photos and map for the home

* Have printed applications ready to go.

* Be sure you advertise appropriately. Can a new tenant qualify if they have a pet? Do the remaining roommates have specific requirements they need from a new roommate?